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Arrow Blue Earrings

Boho chic earrings, hanging with movement from the Kyanite.

18Kt Rose Gold plated sterling silver with Kyanites.

Designed and handmade in our workshop.


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We should always take special care with jewelry because every piece is made with noble but delicate materials. We use metals such as silver and gold and handcraft our creations with precious and semi-precious stones found in nature for their beautiful and unique characteristics.

You can keep the original look with a few simple steps:

Keep our jewelry clean using PH neutral soap and water, you can also use a dry cloth for silver pieces that are not gold plated.

Completely avoid contact with anything that can be abrasive to the jewelry, such as household cleaning products, perfumes and cosmetics, or chlorine in pool water.

These chemical agents can change the color of the piece.

Store each piece individually to avoid the pieces from rubbing against one another, which may scratch their surfaces.

We must also protect the jewelry from any sudden temperature changes.

These recommendations help to prolong the life of our jewelry.